He called me Ma’am

He called me Ma’am

We interacted with vendors whom previous teams have built relationships with. Those were sweet moments and smiles. They were the people who made this place feel like home.

What you see, what you encounter in the Red Light District… it is not something you can prepare for. It is not something that has a formula of “how to”. The One source on whom you rely on is the only strength that will sustain you – the power of Jesus Christ. It is a spiritual battle. It is not one against flesh and blood. It is not a war against people who do such heinous things to these women. It is a battle between the powers of darkness and Satan. (Ephesians 6:12) Something I am trying to understand is how these women are perceived and how can this be humanly acceptable.

They are not treasured as a woman should.
They are not respected and honored as a woman,
or a child in some cases.
They are not looked at as Mothers or daughters.
They are not valued for the human being they are.

Trafficking brings these women to a place of shame.
They are an object of lust.
They are pleasure for a night.
They are disposable to the buyer.
They are an escape from someones reality.

While we walked through the market stands in the Red Light District, one man tried to sell me an item.
He was polite and smiled and he was so gracious he called me Ma’am.
I am a white western woman who can support his family by purchasing the items he sells.
I keep asking myself, how can they look at their own Thai women as worthless, disposable humans with no value and sell them for sex?! And at the same time, how can they treat a tourist westerner with such gracious respect and call me Ma’am?!?

Sharing Jesus in the Hallway

Sharing Jesus in the Hallway

Our first day in Thailand has been all that I thought and SO much more. I was challenged a few weeks back by our team leader to process and pray about what it was I was hoping and praying for God to do through this trip. What were my hopes, dreams and fears. What did I want God to do in me and through me. It took me a few days to really understand what God was asking of me and on our first day here, He has started answering.

My prayer was simple:

October 28, 2013

Where do I start?! Jesus! I want Jesus! I want to see Him in a real way that American culture has not shown me. I want to understand how to make Him SO important that nothing else matters! … I truly want God to be the center. To teach me whatever His plans are for me and for “my” hopes and desires to fade away. As cliche as it may sound, my prayer is that my life will say, “In the morning when I rise, give me Jesus!”

We started our morning off with breakfast in the hostel dining room. It reminded me of college, on a very small scale. When it comes to foreign lands, sometimes you just have to be thankful for Peanut Butter and Jam toast, when you don’t know what the “soupy rice stuff” actually is or taste like. The OJ taste like Tang, yum. The gals on my team and I cleared our plates and took the stairs to our floor to freshen up before our team meeting.

That’s when it all began and Thailand got real!

Our team leader, Connie has been to Thailand for seven other missions here. WOW… this woman is a true lover of Jesus and someone I pray I can learn so much from. She has developed a plethora of relationships with people in the hostel, the spa and even in the markets. They know here as soon as she appears and their eyes light up and the smile they flash is an absolute testament of the love of Christ she has shone in this place. She briefed us on some of the hostel staff and honestly, it was a fleeting thought after she shared it.

We were walking down the hallway to our room after breakfast and the cleaning staff was on the hall. Two Thai ladies. Short and thin. One with dark hair and the other bald. The story Connie shared came back; this was the friend she had met long ago who has been fighting cancer. We were greeted with the Thai “hello” which we were still working on the annunciation, not to insult the natives. They giggled and helped us learn the greeting: Swa-tee-ka. They grinned as we attempted the appropriate annunciation and inflection in our “hello”. We told them we were with Connie. The dark haired woman immediately smiled and began the charades game of showing us her friend has cancer and to pray. You know that sign, where you fold your hands together and bow your head. We all looked at each other, 3 of us, and tried to figure out if she wanted us to pray or if she was going to pray?! Little did we know she meant both.

Robyn jumped right in and prayed over these dear women, especially this sister who was fighting the battle of breast cancer. We all laid hands on her. It was a heartfelt and sincere bonding moment for our team. I mean we really hadn’t done much together yet, we just arrived a few hours earlier and  had all of about four hours of sleep. Breakfast hardly qualified as “bonding” to start off such a journey with Jesus I thought. As soon as we said Amen together, their hearts smiled and thanked us for our prayers.

Then, without a word, the dark haired woman grabbed EVERYONE’S hands and put them in a pile, one of her hands on top and the bottom of all ours. She prayed. It was in a language I did not know but it was to a God I do know. A God I have seen move in my own life personally in ways I never thought or imagined. I had chill bumps like I had NEVER had while hearing a sister talk to our Heavenly Father. She said Amen and we all hugged and went on our ways; they went back to house cleaning and we went on to our team meeting before heading out for ministry.

We all felt it.

We all knew He was there with us.

We all knew that Jesus showed up!!

It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship with two Thai women and three Americans, all because of a hallway.

The Subject Read: Ticketed itinerary for Dana Gayer – 11/2/13 – Bangkok Thailand

The Subject Read: Ticketed itinerary for Dana Gayer – 11/2/13 – Bangkok Thailand

My heart began to race. Was this for real?! Maybe it was a dream or a wrong email address, that happened to have my name in the subject line?! It is cyberspace after all – it could happen.

My God is a LITERAL God!

I just can’t seem to comprehend the AWESOMENESS of God!

When God moved mountains in the Bible, He was not playin’ ;o)

And let me just be saying…

when HIS people pray, HE shows up in ways we can NOT imagine!!!

So a QUICK update on my last post and Thailand –

Less than 24hrs after posting my first update on the doors God has CLEARLY opened SO WIDE for me —

Are you sitting down, and not driving, while you read this?!?!

H-O-L-Y C-O-W…

I have NEVER in my LIFE experienced something like this!!


PTL!!! Woohoo:)

Go Jesus!!

Flex those awesome “I am” muscles.

Jehovah Jireh!!

Life becomes surreal when GOD shows up and puts an email in your inbox that has the label of such GREATNESS that is PURELY GOD at work!!

Ticketed itinerary for Dana Gayer – 11/2/13 – Bangkok Thailand


This is NOT a dream.

This is what LIFE looks like when God is leading the steps and not me.

I am simply SPEECHLESS and THANKFUL for how GOD has placed this opportunity before me.

For providing EACH step of this VERY CLEAR open door. WOW GOD… You ROCK my SOCKS Jesus!! THANK YOU THANK YOU SWEET JESUS!!!

Please be sure to subscribe to my blog on the left for more updates and workings of Christ IN me. It is an EXCITING journey to be on! To be following the One who created the world and loves me beyond my human comprehension. This JOURNEY is TOTALLY worth it!

Thank you for the love, support and prayers my dear friends.

Only 37 days until takeoff….

When the END is really the Beginning…

When the END is really the Beginning… 

Greetings Friends,

I trust this message finds you well. It has been roller coaster year of life, lessons and MUCH waiting to see God work!

Since I returned home last October, much time, prayer and counseling (with others) has went into the consideration of what my “World Race” journey will look like going forward. God has made it clear the World Race program is not for me. How this saddens me to a degree, I am comforted to know God has a great plan that far exceeds my wildest imaginations. I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that

I am exactly where God wants me right now!!

I’m sure many people are looking at that and asking what in the world?! What now? What does this mean? Where is she going and why… um, WHAT?!?

 Yes, I hear you:)

Here are a few bullet points to get a snapshot of life:

-I am RIGHT where God wants me!

-Yes, I have been pursuing my passion for diving and the underwater world! I am officially a PADI Divemaster and frankly, it’s not all I hoped for; my expectations where a bit off but that is a whole different blog;)

-God and I are working out my stuff… and that’s a lot of STUFF;)

Those three simple bullet points are a brief description of a year. Crazy eh?!

So now what?! I mean if the World Race journey is not for me, is there more to this journey with Adventures in Missions?!

I am SO GLAD you asked:)


My World Race totaled roughly $4,000 after my Training Camp expenses where deducted and I have a heart to use these funds for multiple short term trips with AIM.

God has blown my mind once again.

From the time I inquired into a short term trip possibility and using some of my funds, I had an answer on the finances, an interview and the GREEN light all within two weeks. I will join a group of women in November and travel to Bangkok Thailand and work in the Red Light District which is known worldwide for sex trafficking.

My funds with AIM will include all expenses on this trip with the exception of airfare.

*This is where you come in*

Pending on a purchase date, flights from Phoenix to Bangkok are running $1,200 – 1,500.

I am trusting and praying that God will provide where He has guided!

If you would like to contribute to or purchase my flight, please contact me directly. (If someone happens to have some flight miles that will cover international travel… this would be AMAZING and a direct answer to prayers!)

Money can also be donated via PayPal using my personal email address (dana.a.gayerATgmail.com) — for the red letters there, use the @ sign

OR checks can also be sent to me directly: PO BOX 4142 Scottsdale, AZ 85251

I am truly excited to see what God is going to continue to do IN me through this opportunity to grow my faith and stretch me in ways I can’t even imagine. Thank you for your support and please message me if you have any questions.

Because of HIS love,
Dana Ali

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